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What I'm up to these days...

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NPR - Spokane
Interview w/Doug Nadvornick

2023 Journey Conference
Washington Chapter, March 25, 2023
~ Keynote Speaker ~

"One More Thing Before You Go" Podcast w/Michael Herst (6/1/22)

"Chatting with Betsy" Podcast w/Betsy Wurzel (9/21/22)

"The Transition Bridge" Podcast w/Debi Ronca (5/14/24)

"Magnificent Midlife" Podcast w/Rachel Lankester (10/25/22)

"Balance your Mind, Body & Business" Podcast w/Amy Stephens (8/05/22)

"Stories that Inspire Us" Podcast w/Janis Melillo (6/24/22)

"Alzheimer's Speaks Radio"
w/Lori La Bey

NPR - Jefferson Public Radio
Interview w/Geoffrey Riley

"The Story Attic" Podcast
w/Lisa Ellis (9/22/22) 

"A Season of Caring" w/Rayna Neises (10/13/22)

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