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About Me


Thank you for checking out my “about me” page!


I grew up in the small town of Holley, NY, and moved to Atlanta, GA, in the mid-80s where I worked for the American Cancer Society National Headquarters and then as a real estate agent and new home builder. After 20 years in the Peach State, I retired to the Gem State, landing in Bonners Ferry, ID, a near-duplicate of the town where I grew up.

Soon after my move, I managed to move my aging mother to be near me and spent the next eight years caring for her while learning “all things dementia.” It was during that time that I started chronicling her stories, writing things down initially to make sense of her early-stage dementia and the terrifying behaviors that came with it. 

It quickly became obvious that I needed help with how to care for her and I began searching for tips and clues in the published books out there at the time. It was 2012 and I was having trouble finding many that hit the mark with real life stories I could relate to, and I really struggled. I was fortunate to discover the Alzheimer's Association's Local Chapter Meetings and I found several helpful online sites (referenced in my book), but  I was drowning. I made so many mistakes! And I never stopped writing things down.

Somewhere along the way I realized that I’d been compiling the very stories I had searched for in the early days, and that I might have found a way to help others who are feeling lost like I was. That's my sincere hope.

These days you can usually find me on my paddle board, plucking strings on my ukulele, or pulling weeds. This is my first book.

Carolyn Testa's mother loved her special package from Hawaii.
Carolyn Testa's mother at the beauty shop.
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