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A Memoir


My Mother's Uncharted Path into Dementia

A heartwarming story of a mother and daughter's changing relationship as they navigate the twists and turns along the path into dementia. Filled with genuine, relatable, and often hilarious stories, this book is for those struggling to keep pace and always feeling one-step-behind as they live through the painful reality of their loved one's slow and tortuous farewell.

Yours may not force feed stuffed animals vanilla pudding or burn their neighbor’s mail, but if you've found yourself grappling with the indecision and guilt that often comes with caring for a loved one with dementia, this book will help you find solace as you deal with it realistically and with a heart at peace.

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"Carolyn Birrell's vividly told stories about caring for her mother Fay through the stages of dementia show us that we're not alone in our frustration, exhaustion, love, fear, and regret. Her book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, as caregiving often is. Especially helpful is the Afterword, which distills years of hard-won lessons into real-life examples of how to better respond to the everyday situations that often cause conflict."  

~ Connie Chow, Founder, ~

“Walking with Fay is a beautifully written mother/daughter Alzheimer’s memoir and gem of a book for everyone. Carolyn’s willingness to expose her deepest insecurities, fears and conflicts make this memoir a masterpiece in the human condition. Her ability to articulate the full spectrum of human emotion and frailty was thoroughly moving, as her transparency transported me into her life and pain in a way that is unforgettable. As a mental/brain health business owner, I commend Carolyn for her altruistic bravery in putting this together and for all the validation and support it has the potential to give to others. I highly recommend this book for anyone and plan on using it as a resource for my clients.”

~ Cynthia Citron, MBA, LMHC, BCN

Owner, Reboot: Personal Breakthroughs Using Brain Science ~

A brave and honest glimpse into a journey of dementia, with acknowledgement of lessons learned from one human being providing care for another.

~ Teepa Snow, Founder of A Positive Approach to Care® ~

To take the heartbreaking topic of dementia and turn it into a helpful, uplifting book that not only leaves the reader feeling more “normal,” but also encourages them to continue down the harrowing path they’re on is not easy to do. Somehow, Carolyn has managed to accomplish just that by sharing her outlandish, sometimes hilarious stories using a genuine, relatable voice. This book carries the reader from the often-misunderstood early stages of dementia through to its inevitable end. I couldn’t put this one down.

~ Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian,” Author of 23 books (three New York Times bestsellers) and nationally syndicated columnist ~

"This deeply touching and well-written memoir offers a wealth of insight and practical tips for anyone dealing with a loved one’s dementia. Carolyn’s candid recounting of her journey with her mother also injects humor into the heartbreak, adding a vital tool to every caregiver’s coping toolbox—permission to admit their conflicting feelings without guilt. Walking With Fay is a moving, enlightening must-read for everyone, even for those not currently on this difficult path."  

~ Willow Feller, Author of Piety, Pride and a Cosy of Cures ~

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